Never One for Neon

Those who know me know that I've never been a huge fan of neon — that is, until this weekend. I've made it my mission to start adding a bit of color to my wardrobe (when I say a bit, I mean for every 10 pieces, only 8 or 9 will be black). Needless to say, my years at Vera Wang in all black have made an impact on me — that and Johnny Cash.

Anway, while shopping at the J.Crew Factory this weekend, I came across this bling with just a subtle touch of neon around the edge. It made me realize that just a hint of color can do the trick. I don't have to look like a popsicle to lighten up for summer.

PS. If you can't find this particular one online or in stores, I also love this "pale guava" version, as well.