Review: Rent the Runway

Over the past couple of years, my relationship with Rent the Runway has been a bit rocky. I've been sent the wrong dresses, had issues with billing, delivery, etc. However, I truly feel like RTR has improved a great deal and has developed a much stronger experience. Not only is their collection more varied, but their site design and user experience is great and their customer service has blossomed. 

Last year, I was really disappointed when I received the wrong dress for my birthday dinner. I was looking forward to wearing something special and had to spend the entire day at the malls searching for something I wasn't that in love with. This year, however, was very different. I received a beautiful dress from Rent the Runway that I really loved. We had a few bumps in the shipping process, but everything turned out fine.

I think that brands who continue to grow and develop deserve props. I'm excited to see what they come up with next and hope to have many more positive experiences to add to my RTR journey. After all, who doesn't love affordable couture?