Chalk Full of Love

Have to share one of my favorite shops with you all... Chalk Full of Love! I am so obsessed with their products and when I found the doormat below, I knew I had to have it. Next on my list? The striped beach bag pictured above! Check out their site and take a look below at some of the other items I have my eye on for future shopping sprees! Keep up the amazing work, Chalk Full of Love. 

EDGAR: My Favorite Shop on Martha's Vineyard

Last week my hubby and I took a trip to Martha's Vineyard to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! It was such a special adventure and we enjoyed every minute of it. I can't wait to share more moments with you in the coming weeks!

My favorite place by far was Edgartown. I loved the shops and yummy restaurants. It was so beautiful and relaxing. As we were strolling down the street one morning, I was stopped in my tracks by my dream pool float... a big gold swan (genius marketing, right?) on the lawn of a little boutique named EDGAR. Of course, I had to go inside.

My husband and I were welcomed in by the beautiful space and flood of natural light. Each design element (from the tables to the lighting) was so well thought out. Most importantly, I loved the clothes! The buying choices for this boutique were genius and helped the shop to stand out amongst a flood of kitschy t-shirt stores. I could have done some serious damage up in there!


From popular brands like Wildfox to new finds like Made in Italy, I was so inspired and wanted basically everything. They carry both men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories. It's super cute, super chic and is set in a lovely location. I can't wait to visit again next time I'm in MV! Stay stylish, EDGAR.

Get the Glossier Glow

Just got the new highlighter "Haloscope" from Glossier! The quality of their products and packaging is incredible. It even comes with a pink bubble wrap resealable bag that you can use again and again! 

Haloscope, is a dewy, dual-delivery formula infused with real crystal extracts and a core made from vitamin-rich moisturizers. I opted for the lighter "Quartz" shade, but both Quartz and Topaz are absolutely gorgeous. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, paraben free, fragrance-free and it's not tested on animals. So, what's inside? Here's what Glossier has to say:

Actual Crystals
Outer ring is enhanced with real Rose Quartz (the quintessential stone of love) or Golden Topaz (with creativity-enhancing powers)—pretty cool, even if you’re not a crystal person.

Coconut and Castor Seed Oil
Rich in vitamin E, they give the solid oil core dewy sheen and easy glide.

Sweet Almond Oil
Super moisturizer rich in fatty acids.

Not only are Glossier products good for your skin, but they're fun to receive and open. In the "Age of the Customer" it's important to surprise and delight. Glossier certainly does both. I'm officially calling them "the unicorn" of the beauty industry right now. Makeup brands, this is how it's done. 🦄