Them Gucci Shades

The Amazon Fashion genie granted my wish! I found a pair of Gucci shades from the latest 2017 collection that I've been obsessed with on and I couldn't be happier. Not only was the price better, but the quality was amazing and they came with the case and certificate of authenticity. I purchased from Genuine Eyewear (fulfilled by Amazon) and they had great customer support, as well. Never rule Amazon out, kids!

Chalk Full of Love

Have to share one of my favorite shops with you all... Chalk Full of Love! I am so obsessed with their products and when I found the doormat below, I knew I had to have it. Next on my list? The striped beach bag pictured above! Check out their site and take a look below at some of the other items I have my eye on for future shopping sprees! Keep up the amazing work, Chalk Full of Love.