Aunty CJ

Photo Belongs to Julie DiGiovine
Photo Belongs to Julie DiGiovine

“She thought of her aunt often… [gold flats], cherry red lipstick, forever mischievous.” – Kate Spade 

My Aunty CJ was one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. She was a second mother to me and truly impacted my life in a countless number of ways.

Aside from her unending generosity, grace, and intelligence… she had an amazing sense of humor and an extraordinary sense of style. She had a fabulous pair of gold metallic flats that my mother bought for her and these killer, over-sized white sunglasses with multicolored crystal studs scattered along the sides.

She was an individual. She could rock a cocktail ring and bright coral like no one else. She loved Stevie Nicks and according to her, “seashells, long walks on the beach, and mirrors.” She was one of the most humble, unique, and gorgeous women I will ever know and I miss her every single day.

I have an absolutely fabulous guardian angel watching over me. I love you Aunty CJ, this one is for you.