Vera Wang Made my Favorite Piece

A Favorite Piece: My Vera Wang + Swarovski Couture Belt

While working for Vera Wang in Boston, I had access to some of the most beautiful pieces. One of my favorites is this gorgeous belt that was given to me as a gift from corporate. It is made with hand-sewn Swarovski crystal and fits like a glove. Not only is it fabulous… it’s versatile.

Made to size with two snaps, and a bit of stretch, this is my go-to accessory for many outfits. Traditionally it was sold to be worn with a wedding gown, but I have always worn it with ready-to-wear ensembles. This belt can give a plain dress some sparkle or an elegant gown some punch!

I wear it the way SJP wore her spike belt throughout the first Sex and the City film. It’s a timeless piece that I know I’ll cherish forever. Who knows… maybe I’ll wear it when I get married in honor of my idol, Ms. Vera Wang!