Be Anything

Many of us bloggers appear to be occupied by sharing the latest trends and taking stylized Instagram photos, but in reality, we are much more than that. We are business women, doctors, lawyers, architects... you name it.

What many of my readers don't realize is that I am actually a senior marketer for a respected B2B data organization. As much as I love beauty, fashion, design and weddings, my true passion is marketing. I find that balancing the more serious side of my career with my blog helps me to obtain a creative spirit. However, working as senior marketer challenges me and pushes me to grow as a strategic business person.

It is exciting and fulfilling and I truly love it. I guess what I want people to know is that you can't judge a book by its cover. Don't ever let someone put you in a box or tell you that you have to choose to be this or you choose to be that. You can do it all. 

I invite you to read my company's blog, and to check out my marketing Twitter handle @JSalMarketing. TSO will always be one of my greatest loves, but it's important for creatives (especially women) to show how multifaceted we can be.