Rosé is Baé

Rose Made Me Do It | ToteRosé Pin | Coasters |  Nail Polish | Baseball Hat | Black Tee | Sneakers | Rosé Okay Sweatshirt

If you've watched any of my recent Instagram stories, you know that I've been on a rosé kick as of late. If I'm being honest, I've avoided rosé like the plague for two reasons. The first reason was that everyone was drinking it and posting about drinking it. I didn't want to fall into the "basic" bucket. The second was that I wasn't sure I was going to like it. For some reason, I imagined it tasting like watery vinegar. I had a very strange aversion to it for the longest time and wasn't really willing to budge.

Then, one random afternoon, I had a sip at a restaurant and realized it was awesome. Once I tried it, I was intrigued to learn more. The following weekend, my mom and I stopped by a local wine store to learn more about how to choose a good bottle of rosé. The expert at the store introduced me to a light, effervescent rosé that was less acidic and very refreshing. It was also made from a Pinot Noir grape, which my mom and I both love. Needless to say, I was hooked. 

Once I fell in love with rosé, I started looking for some fun pieces to wear and share and was blown away by the amount of clothing and accessories available. I've curated a few of those favorite finds to share with you above. I hope you love them! 

Have a favorite rosé that I should try? Is there a must-have shirt or accessory I should check out? Leave a comment below. Salud!