15 Reasons Why She's Your Bestie

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After 15 years of friendship, I've learned that your best friend is someone you need to cherish and be grateful for every single day. There is no one on this earth who knows you like she does and accepts you for all that you are and all that you are not. Here are the 15 reasons why you know she's your bestie:

1. She laughs at all of your jokes... even the ones no one else finds funny.
There have been plenty of times where the two of you have received the dirtiest looks because you can't stop crying laughing at the dumbest things. You've laughed in a church, during class, while getting pulled over... it doesn't matter how inappropriate the occasion, you can't help it.


2. You've held each other's hair back or bandaged up the results of a bad tumble.
As gross as it is, she's there to clean up your mess and you'll be there to pick her up whenever she falls... literally. The best part? Neither of you will ever judge each other. All you care about is that she is okay and had a blast getting to that point. You'll also be the one to bring over an egg and cheese the next morning.

3. You have a secret language.
You can speak to each other through just a look or tilt of the head. You know when you feel that kick under the table exactly what she's thinking ("get me out of here," "she's so ridiculous," or "can you believe this is happening?") You know how to tell her when you want to leave and you help her get out of painful small talk situations.

4. She'll always tell you the truth about your outfit... no matter how cute you think it is.
She wants you to look your best and she's not going to lie to you like other people might. She'll offer to lend you her clothes and accessories (even if she's two sizes smaller) because she'd do anything to help her bestie out and you'd do the same. And she's the only one you'd let borrow something you've never worn because.

5. She'll always have your back.
The two of you are willing to take the heat for each other and would never throw the other person under the bus. No matter what, you're always there for each other. Remember that part in the Godfather when Michael tells Fredo, "Don't ever take sides with anyone against the family." Well there's no Fredo in this equation. The two of you will always stick up for each other and have a no smack talking policy. Anything you have to say, you tell each other directly. You don't let arguments linger and make up instantly. She'll also be there to wipe away smudged mascara at your wedding (see below).

6. You're always happy for each other.
When either of you get a promotion or score a cute pair of Michael Kors flats on sale, you're both truly overjoyed for each other. You support each other and help guide each other through life's challenges. You want the other person to succeed and find true happiness and will do whatever you can to help them. You're their biggest cheerleader and always want what's best for them.

7. You know when something's wrong even when she says everything is okay.
All she has to do is walk in the room and you can tell if something is up. You've known each other forever and you can tell when she's having an off day. You also know when to ask about it and how to help make her feel better... even if that means crawling around like a cat on the floor of her apartment just to help her shake it off.

8. You have a large number of mutual friends on Facebook and dislike all the same ones.
Over the years, you may have had some friends come and go but the two of you have outlasted them all. You welcome new members every once in a while, but you always know that the two of you are always going to be each other's true best friend. And you're always so relieved when you both dislike the same people (which you usually do) because it's no fun sipping on the Hatorade all alone.

9. She knows the real you.
Not the version old classmates meet at CVS or the boss version you play of yourself at the office. She has been there by your side during the worst of times and seen you at your best. She has loved you through the worst fashion faux pas and embraced the nightmare you can be during that wonderful time of the month. The best part? She'll call you on your stuff, but she'll love you just the same.


10. She cries when you cry.
You've become like sisters and over the years, you've shared a lot of ups and downs. You've gotten to a point where if she is crying or hurting, so are you. You can't possibly be happy when your bestie is down and out. So you buy all her favorite junk food and curl up next to her until she's able to finally brush her hair and put real pants on because that's what a best friend does.

11. You buy two of something because you know she'll want it.
That cute pair of metallic flip flops you snagged at the GAP... you obviously bought two pairs. You have your own individual styles, but you also love a lot of the same things so why not save her the trip, right?

12. She knows how much you make, how many pairs of heels you have and pretty much all of your passwords.
A lot of people would think that sharing financial and security information is a bad idea, but who else is going to stop you from over-drafting or help you open your phone when you've had a few too many? You also know each other's wardrobes and shoe collections and are even able to help pick out outfits over the phone.

13. You're friends with her significant other. 
You take time to get to know him and make him feel like part of the tribe. You embrace the Three's Company moments and understand when she ditches you for a date night. You'll be there for each other for the breakups, makeups, weddings, one night stands and everything in between. You support whoever makes her happy... as long as he never crosses her. 

14. You keep each other's secrets and tell each other everything.
You know when someone says, "TMI" well you'll never hear that from your bestie. She's the only one you can tell about the time you ripped your pants at work or stood in your PJs eating chips in the middle of the living room at midnight by yourself. Oh, and you know when you promise not to tell anyone? Well, you really mean anyone besides your bestie because it's basically like talking to yourself. You'll cover for her, help her craft the best excuses and will take her secrets to the grave.

15. She has truly become part of your family.
You've attended countless family parties and family vacations with each other, her parents are your second set of parents and you know she's going to be your MOH and godmother of your children someday. Your bond is special because you're not sisters by blood, you're sisters by choice. And you will wreck anyone that steps to her. Seriously, don't mess with my best.

I'm so fortunate to have a best friend in this world and I know we'll always be there for each other no matter what. Happy National Best Friend's Day to my bestie. Love you, Koko! #TheAdventuresofKokoandJoge