Glass Glitter Wine Cork Place Card Holders

I was originally inspired by gold sparkling place card holders made by Kara Lamerato of Kara's Vineyard Wedding when I was looking for decor for my rehearsal dinner. We were having the dinner at an Italian restaurant in Boston and I thought something like the cork holders I saw would be perfect. I loved the concept, but was running short on time and really wanted to make something myself. So, I decided to DIY!

My amazing calligrapher Kate Yenrick had already created these beautiful place cards for me. All I needed was the holders. I didn't have enough time (or enough corks) to chisel out the wine cork myself. So, I took to Etsy to get the base. 

Then, I purchased some fabulous glass glitter from Michael's. I chose to go with a more champagne tone rather than a yellow gold. This made the glitter look like shattered glass and gave it a really modern effect. Here are the steps I followed:

1. Line your area with paper or cardboard. You want to be able to drip glue and spill glitter without worrying. 

2. While avoiding the slit of the cork, paint a thin layer in decoupage glue (I used Martha Stewart's Crafts Decoupage) onto the cork.

3. Dip your cork in a plate full of the glass glitter. Then, gently tap the bottom of the cork to remove any extra glitter.

4. Let the corks dry until the glitter is somewhat stiff. Then, add a second thin layer of decoupage glue to seal the glitter and you're done!

Creating something special for our rehearsal dinner was so fulfilling. Our wedding party loved them and it really added a personal touch to the night before our Big Day. Cin Cin!