Get Inspired


With just months until the wedding, I'm beginning to immerse myself in all the things that originally inspired my love of weddings. This book started it all. While working at Vera Wang, I learned the passion, art, business, and beauty of weddings. I learned that there is no definition for the "perfect" bride because the beauty of brides lies within their individuality.  

As I prepare for my Big Day, I want to tap into the magical side, so I don't get too overwhelmed by the technical. I know things will not always go as planned, but I want to continuously remind myself of the real reason behind weddings, and that is love.  

I want this time to be filled with inspiration so that I am able to tap into exactly what will make us both happy, excited, and moved on our wedding day. So, here's to the next few months and to the celebration of the love I've been so fortunate to find. 

I'd love to know who or what inspires your wedding aesthetic. Leave a comment below or tweet me @thestylishone_!