Always Audrey

Ever since I was a little girl, Audrey has been like a fairytale princess to me. She is someone I have always admired, looked up to, and even sought to emulate from time to time. To me, Audrey represented what it means to be a lady and she has always been the epitome of class, femininity, and style. I have always loved that she was her own person and paved her own way when it came to her fashion (and life) choices. Her work on both the big screen and with her Children’s Fund and UNICEF inspired me to want to do my best and give my all in regards to both my career and to my personal life.

Audrey took simplicity and made it stylish. She took a pixie cut and made it chic. She took clean lines and made them must-haves. Audrey was and always will be one of the ultimate Stylish Ones.

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