MA Has My Heart

Collage by Julie DiGiovine via  Polyvore

Collage by Julie DiGiovine via Polyvore

Last night my boyfriend and I had a conversation about moving to California. It is always something I have daydreamed about. I love Massachusetts with all my heart (and always will) but, I am so much happier in the warm weather months and the idea of starting fresh in a new place sounded exciting.

As we get older, our priorities are changing and things are starting to re-focus. I told him the idea of uprooting our lives was scary. He was quiet for a moment and then said something that opened my eyes. He said, "we would figure it out and it would be an adventure... plus, we could always come home."

The idea of going somewhere we've never been and living there sounds insane and incredible... okay, maybe a little more insane than incredible. Once we started talked about the weather and the new possibilities, I started to get excited.

That is until I thought about my family and the roots we have here in Massachusetts.  We definitely want to visit California and see what it's like sometime soon. But, we came up with a better idea than moving. Someday, we are going to become millionaires and purchase a vacation home there... sound nice, doesn't it?

The truth is, we absolutely love our jobs and the life we are building here together with our families and friends. Our lives are based around Boston and we love it dearly. It is part of our DNA... part of who we are and who we want our children to be.

So don't worry, Massachusetts; I'm not going anywhere... except maybe for a vacation!