Crystals and Druzies and Geodes, Oh My!

Lately I've been into raw crystals, druzies and geodes. I love that each one is unique with it's own colors, shapes, and textures. The imperfections are what makes these pieces really come to life. The combination of the gold and the various colors within each of the stones brings out the richer, warmer tones in the rocks and add a more glamorous feel.

The character that each piece has makes it unique to you and your style. You can dress these pieces up for a night out, or wear wear them with jeans and a tee for a more casual look. So, instead of opting for perfectly polished pieces, give your style a sharper edge with these radiant rocks instead!

You can find these pieces (and others) on sites like Etsy, Dara Ettinger via Max & Chloe, LEIF, Michael Kors on Piperlime, and more. *Click the above image for links to purchase each of the pieces featured in this post.